Welcome to Quail Creek

Quail Creek AZ

Quail Creek is a community in Green Valley, Arizona that is unique in that you are close to the conveniences of a large city - Tucson with its million person population, but you can enjoy life in the slow lane in Quail Creek.

On this website you can get information about:

  • the Home Owner Association (POA)
  • information on different social groups which exist in Quail Creek or surrounding area
  • information about the real estate market in Quail Creek
  • information about insurance options you have available to you
  • utility information for new residents or current residents looking to potentially save money
  • a online form to submit questions and comments - questions about the HOA or its management should be directed to the HOA directly

If you would like to see information added to this site, please contact John directly at John@JohnBacker.com or 520-302-5397.

This site is provided as a courtesy by John Backer - Madera Highlands resident since August of 2007 - Realtor, Insurance Agent, and Home Services broker. John Backer is not employed by Quail Creek, Robson, or the POA.

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